I’m interested to hear what kinda stings everyone uses: color, type, length, or anything that is about your string that makes you different.

K me first. I have used two different kinds in the last 3 months that i have been yoing. I first had lime green Slick 6 50/50s. After i used them i tryed some purple yoyonation highlights (100% poly.). I didnt like them as much so now Im back to the ime green slick 6s!

So what kind do u like or find the best and where do you get them? Please share.

I’m actually the opposite. I tried slick 6 50-50’s and didn’t care for them too much. Now I use Green Scream YYN Highlights, type 6. most of them are about an inch or two above the belly button from the floor, any shorter and it feels like so little string.

I use 50/50 type 6. As for length I generally say: The longer the better. But i can work with just about all lengths unless its really really short. :slight_smile:

I just jack whatever string my friend is using that day :smiley:

blue moon and green scream yyn highlights type 6 all the way

I like YYN highlights, but most of the time, they are too snaggy for me.

Generally, I use White 50/50 YYN string :slight_smile:

But Paul Wallace G-String OWNS ALL!!!

I use White, Type 6, 100% Polyester String, but I hear good things about G-String or even YY* Highlights.

I use 100% Polyester Strings ;D they are the best!

I realy like my yoyosam purple 50/50.

I started on 50/50, but found the tension was harder to keep even.
I’m now on 100% poly YYN Highlights - Purple & Blue

50/50 white / yellow and some mondo brazilian string green

currently i’m using the Duncan 100% Polyester string that I got at Nationals 100 for 10$ there, cheap!
soon I hope to order G-string form “Gsimian” aka Paul Wallace.

I use white, yellow, or blue type 6’s in all different materials. I also make my own 100% cotton in white.

I use 100% polyester yoyonation strings.

type 6 100% polyester always wanted to try the yyn highlights but the green scream is always out

yyn highlights green scream and vulto 100% poli are my persenal favorites
also 50/50 white string all sold at yyn

I will use G-String when i get them. But before i use YYN highlighters (blue and orange).

I use type 6 100poly highlights. I like them alot.

I might try some other strings but they work for me right now.


I make my own, not a real fan of 50/50 of cotton. Polly and nylon is what i make it out of.

same with me, I use 2 strands of transluscent nylon from walmart in my strings and slacks and suicides are great. It also feels smoother on the string. It is much better than anything i have used and hols tension so good, hardly have to adjust it.