Hey guys, I was just wondering what is a good string, I’ve tried Angel hair buts that’s too stiff, I’ve tried YYG’s Brazilian stuff, and regular cotton sting. I want a string that i can rely on and buy a bunch. 100% Polyester, are YYN Highlights any good? suggestions?

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This is the string i got and its GREAT! Its 100 half cotton half poly strings, I love it. Heres a link to it:

Hope this helps! :wink:


Try G-String, its the best for 1a, but at a price


I personally use Slick 6.
YoYoNation’s highlight strings are also an excellent choice!


These are tight bud!

arriba arriba


I have 100 of the black and red cotton, and i love them


i really love the 50% cotton 50% Polly string its great for unresponsive play. but if you like to play a little more responsively try using size 8. later and remember keep it spinning.


me and my friends found that the 100% polyester strings wear out too quickly and did not play as well as 50-50 slick 6 strings


I tried a 50-50, which I didn’t like as much as the 100% poly. Currently I buy green YYN Highlights (type 6), and I don’t think I’m buying any others.