Quick 0A question

What type of string do most of you use?

For my wooden responsives I normally use the yoyoexpert red and black cotton, but I’m thinking of buying white. Is the white the virtually the same?

For my metal/plastic responsives I use ordinary yoyoexpert contest string. I’m reluctant to use cotton as I find I throw these YoYos harder and am affraid of breakages.

Can anyone recommend some other string to try out for responsives? Gonna place an order soon and I’m open to suggestions.

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If you haven’t played any in awhile you should sample some Slick 6 on your plastics and metals. Cotton soft feel and response and Poly whip and tension.

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I like the Blue One Drop Long Cuts for 0A.

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Whatever feels good.
I’ve thrown a little of everything with a little of everything, and it comes down to what you think feels best.
Wood and cotton generally pair best to me - I prefer type 10 by a mile. I really miss the stuff I used to twist myself, but YYE type 10 is solid. I’m pretty sure the color cotton is type 8 or 9, which is a pretty subtle difference.
I like slick 8, but have found slick 6 to be a little too slippy when it breaks in on wood.
Nothing wrong with poly if that’s your jam. I find the “two-sidedness” of poly to be a little more apparent with some axles, but I’m mostly using yellow YYE poly with my 650b’s and it’s super consistent. :slight_smile:


I used to use MFD vines or kitty in my fixies, but just got some YYE type 10 cotton and am using that instead. I like the feel of cotton on wood, but I find that I need to wax the string to get the same response as poly.

Edit - OT: For anything else I use Zipline for throws with normal response and Plutonium for yoyos with loose binds. I have a couple throws strung up with Zipline’s nylon blend strings as well, but I prefer all-poly for the most part. I have a few more types of string, but the ones mentioned are my current go-to.

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Thanks for everyone’s input! I think I’ll try some slick 6 and type 10. I’ve only got about a few left of my old 100 count cotton left so it’ll be interesting to compare the three.

Poly just doesn’t seem right on a wooden axle, a bit slippy for my tastes. However, when I get a new legend wing I can normally use a poly on there until the response breaks in.

at present using Iyoyo slackies which i find good. Trying Fist Salud loop string on my loopers, not sure at the minute if i like them or not.

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