string differences?

I know this has probably been asked before but I would like to know what are the differences in play between strings?
I mean, why would using kitty string make me a better yoyoer than if i was using normal 100% cotton. And why is 50/50 Poly not as good as 100% poly?
Does one string hold its tension better than others or whip better or something???

Answer to all, yes.

I don’t know about it making you a better player - but different strings will lend themselves to different play styles…

Go over to Stiffy’s site and search for his string review series… good stuff

Some strings hold tension better, whip better, last longer, offer more response, less response, etc.
As far as making you a better play? no. you should be able to do any trick with just about any string, just some make certain tricks easier than others.

As far as material, they all have their uses. cotton is more responsive than poly, but it doesn’t have much stretch, so it snaps a lot easier. So a combination of 50/50 has more responsiveness, and doesn’t snap as easily as cotton, making it great for looping.

then some string lasts a lot longer than others. highlights as an example will either snap, or kind of die a lot faster than say graou string (which is near indestructible)

String is similar to yoyos themselves in that no one string is “better” than another. It’s all personal preference. Some people love highlights, whereas others will swear by kitty, or graou.

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