i like 50 50

100% poly is smoother and more durable.

I like 100 poly with nylon look at chaos 422 string.

I use easwest string

I don’t think there’s a “standard” right or wrong. It’s preference.

I started with 100% cotton, which I still have a bunch of. Works great, gets me through, can’t say anything bad about it. I bought bulk Slick6, I like Slick6 better. On my order I’m putting together, I’ve added 100% poly, so I’ll have to wait and see.

You’re also ignoring that there’s other string makers and those often have specific performance features that should be considered.

If you don’t know much or want to try something else, buy a 5 or 10-pack of something as it doesn’t cost that much and should be more than enough to give it a thorough try. Just, if you order a bunch of different stuff at once, order in different colors(1 color per type) so when you figure out what you DO like, you will know and can order that in bulk.

Uhm… Southside representin’?

I like Poly. If I run out you can count on the freebie strings from online stores. I’ve got a bunch.

So far from what I can tell 100% cotton is great to learn on (as in beginner and intermediate) because it seems to give a very unresponsive throw a little more response, but once your able to bind very well and do snap starts and all that then 100% poly seems to be the best. I’m still pretty new to it all so I’m kinda a 50/50 person right now, but I will probably go with poly if I ever get better.

P prefer 100% nylon (a certian type of it…) is ridiculously soft and whippy. Bad binds means slippy binds with this though, so it is not super easy to use, although I don’t get what you mean by that exactly.

I use it all , even some home made stuff. Depends on what yoyo I’m using and what result I’m after.

To answer your question: Which ever string is closest at the moment is the easier to use especially if it’s already on the yoyo. I’d hate to walk across the room. (Sorry I just couldn’t resist for some odd reason)

I prefer nylon.

I pull a month easy out of a home made nylon string, and no more than two days out of a polyester string.

Nylon also handles slack much better than polyester.

I use all strings.
Cotton strings for my fixed wooden axle throws (so much fun, buy one…)
I use 50/50 on my loopers ussually, sometimes poly.
I use 100% poly the majority of the time for 5a,4a,and 1a.
i use chaos 422 or angelhair when I throw 1a outside.
but they all have pro’s and con’s.
Cotton is rough on your fingers and get sticky easily. I do live in louisiana and humidity is bad but I could never even try to use cotton outside for 1a.
Just my 2 cents.

So if your into doing 1a i would go with 100%poly, it’s a good string all around. They just wear out quick so buy a 100 pack.!