Sup all you 2a-ers

What string would you recomend cotton 50/50 or poly thanks!

Ah would recommend this ere 50/50 that ah jus’ bought. It lasts ah lot longer, and is also lot stronger than cotton so it has ah lot less of a chance of breakin’. And it’s also in mah opinion a lot easier to use for loopin’ than with some oh that poly stuff. 50/50 also helps to keep yer yoyo as responsive as ya need it to be, which is especially ah problem if ya have hooves like me.

thanks for the tip… dude your taking the bronie thing a bit far…

that was interesting. lol
and I personally use poly for looping. Mostly because I don’t feel like buying/making 2 different kinds of string.
If you’re using a fixed axle though, I’d highly recommend 50/50, because poly can melt.

Dean, you are officially 20% cooler in my book, haha, that was awesome.
Your Applejack RP is greatly improving, you should be accepted into the Equestria Daily RP chats soon, XD.

As for my opinion, both 50/50 and poly work well for me.
I would just stay way from highlights as they get this kind of odd “sticky” feeling to them. (Not pleasant to the hooves at all ya know XD). But either is fine. Personally, I am using poly but only as of recent as I switched to poly for 1A and I don’t like buying two different kinds of strings.


i appreciate it, and i honestly dont understand this bronie stuff

I don’t know what type of string comes stock on 900s and 720s
but polys in my opinion are better than those.