50/50 or 100% Poly? Please help.

i am not an experienced yo yoer and i need some more string but not sure which to get. I really like the string i was using the only problem is i don’t know what it is because i got it from a friend. I know its about preference but i wanted to know what your opinion is. Btw i am going to be using a legacy if it makes any difference.

I THINK that you should get 100% poly. It nails it for slacks, and suicides. I just love the YoYoeXpert kind too. 50/50 is a great choice too. It lasts longer due to how much cotton is in it. I think it seems to loose its tension faster than poly.

Hope this helps!

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What i will probably end up doing is getting some of both and try them both out.

Yeah, you could get a 5 pack of each here at YoYoeXpert. Hope you find what you want ._.

Personaly, I like 100% poly better.

What Born2YoYo said… i love 100% poly… but cotton is good too. I just happen to love the 1005 poly though.

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I’d take Poly over cotton anyday, but I’ve never tried the 50/50. In my experience, the poly seems to not catch as much on the response (good or bad, depending on outlook), but maybe that’s just me.

Poly: better for 1a/5a/4a/3a

50/50: better for 2a

Cotton: better for 2a

Poly is best for 1a because its less responsive than cotton.

I frequently use 100% cotton for any and all of the styles. 100% poly isn’t any more or less responsive. It really is (like the OP said) preference.

@OP: since you know it’s just preference, then why would you ask us what you should get? Getting a few 5 packs is always a good idea.


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i prefer 100% poly , lasts long

I use cottpn rightnow because my other strings ran out.yeah getting small packs of each is really good choice.

I’ve played with cotton, poly, cotton poly blends, Nylon, Nylon poly blends, Nylon cotton poly blends, nylon cotton blends, and a few other blends. I’ve also played with different blends of poly. Yes there are softer polys and stiffer polys. Seems to me that I find myself going back to the stock store polys. Wether it be from YYE to the other stores doesn’t really matter. I will say that YYE poly is different than the other stores. Seems the tension is different. I just bought 300 strings from here with a few other things. It was the first time I bought strings from YYE and when I pulled them out of the box I noticed that they looked different. Just the twist. I now have a favorite string. I was all highlights and dayglow (from other stores) for the 6 years I’ve been throwing. But now I have changed. I don’t know if they get their strings from someone different than the other stores but I love this string.

What style do you play?

100 cotton i find is a bit more responsive and wears out quickly

50/50 is almost the same as 100 cotton, but has a slick feel to it (hence why some call it “slick” string).

100 poly is fairly unresponsive and lasts a good long time.

Havn’t tried alchemy/angel hair yet. but they’re supposed to last a looong time and play like a dream…well, once they’re broken in that is. before they’re broken in they’re like very stiff plastic.


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I prefer 100% poly.