Opinion on strings


What is your guys’s opinion on polyester string vs other types??

(YoYoStringLab) #2

100% poly is preferred by most for 1A style yoyoing (long spinning, string tricks). 50% poly/50% cotton used to be popular and some still like it. 100% cotton is the best choice for yoyos with wooden axels (other strings can melt from friction on the wood axel). Nylon mixes tend to feel rougher compared to most 100% poly strings.


Bam. He got it.


nylon for life!!!


nylon sucks


Depends on the kind of nylon.


so polly strings!


Wolly Nylon is cool


I prefer a 100% poly fat string as nylon i feel doesn’t make a diffirence in my play


kitty nylons last long and whip great. if theres training wheels for bikeing, theres nylon string for whips and slacks! andre recommended em for me personally ;D

(JonasK) #11

I’ve been using 100 % poly exclusively for the last 3 years. I find that 50/50 feels a bit better between your fingers, but it just sucks up moisture when you’re outside.


100% poly here. Anyone tried those with kevlar in them?


Yeah, I hated them. I didn’t like the feel, and they last forever, but don’t play like I would want


horrible. They lose their tension in literally one throw. They don’t whip good, and they feel horrible. Dragon string is the way to go.