Hey, I normaly use 50/50, but I have used 100% cotton? Whats the 100% polly like compared to the other strings?

Im running low on string (Real low, I have the string in my DM and the one in my legacy, thats it.)
so im thinking about switching to 100% pollys. Does it play as well as the 5050s?

i think it does but thats just me. when it’s new it’s a little hard on the fingers but not bad. and they seam to last a really long time and they come in lots of cool colors.

hope this helps.


A good 100% poly in my highly bias opinion plays better and last longer. I’m not a fan of cotton it wears too fast, 50/50 will freys to fast for me.

From what i’ve read or heard people use 100% poly for a lot for 2a. Some good string is gstring, angle hair is also good, and slick 6.

Poleyester string is really slick but cotton I think just slows down my yoyo. I would recommend buying g-string, brazilien string, or from what I heard, Perfect fit string. I’ll tell you about PF string tommorow when I get it.

Well the PF string is 80% poleyester and 20% nylon. It’s really slick, wayyyyy more compared to 50/50 or 100% cotton. It should last a while and it’s pretty cheap. If you do a quadruple on trapeze it doesn’t snap back at you and is great for suicides and slack tricks ( I can’t really do a suicide but I once in a while land it). If you want some PM Jeromy K.