String Durability.

since i have been yoyoing i have been cycling through different type string to try and find which one i like the best. is it me or does 100% polly wear out a lot quicker than 50-50? i like polly better for unresponsive play but it seems to wear quicker.

I don’t really know. I have used both and I really like 50-50 string a lot and for me it seems to last about the same as polyester.

Yep, always has for me, too. I can run Slick 6 forever. 100P I torch in no time flat.

Have you looked into specialty strings? Try some Angel Hair, Alchemy, or G-String. All really good strings. AH and Alchemy last for weeks, literally, and provide play you wouldn’t believe.

I have found that Highlights will last me about 15-20 minutes of heavy play, Alchemys about 5 hours, and G-String about a Day. I will burn through a 50/50 in 10 minutes.

Now I am talking about heavy play, lots of tension changes.

That being said, I have been rolling with a Chaos String on my M1 for a week now, and it still looks good.
Tip (Raley) also makes great string.
Right now Chaos string is my “Go To” string of choice.

You burn through an Alchemy in about 5 hours? That’s insane…

And where does one get Chaos string?

Right now, the OneDrop shop is the only place to carry Chaos String. They are made by a guy who goes by the name UnclePhreak and was chosen as the string shipped with OneDrop Yo-Yo’s (He is not affiliated with OneDrop, just sells to them)
He does plan to sell to other stores also.

Alchemys… Yeah, they just don’t last very long for me, don’t really like them at all.

I have no idea what you’re talking about ??? any explanation? I just make my own ;D

They are talking about how what string they believe is stronger and they are listen brands. So far, Alchemys are the group agreed toughest. Though the original question was what type (Cotton, Nylon, Polyester or 50-50) was the strongest; and good for you! I need to learn how to make my own because I am losing strings each month.

I LOVE G-STRING! It takes me prob 2 days too burn ea

I highly suggest - Well, we don’t have a name for you. It is a custom string ape7566 makes. It is mixtures of nylon and polyester. Great stuff. I will post a review on the weekends.

on the g-string web site, when you order string, how many comes in a pack? i can’t tell how many you get for like 3-5 dollars. that might be a dumb question but i don’t want to pay 4 dollars for one string.

It’s in the FAQ. Ten, unless stated otherwise.

ok, thanks!