Favourite string?


I’m just wandering what everybody’s favourite string is?

Perfect Fit String 20/80.

White poly.

Gator Floss, and Highlights… i think (I’m not 100% sure they’re highlights though :stuck_out_tongue: lol)

Any 50/50s…

I find the polyester here to be fine.

Chaos 422, my string :P, alchemy string, and yellow highlights.

I do like the soft feel of official Duncan string.
Any 50 50 … but have a question it it true that poly string can melt on a wooden axle?

yet again another any 50 50

it depends on the ammount of friction being generated. Me and my friends threw a piece of poly in the fire and it melted almost intantly…

I would have to say angel hair string. Its not too popular but once broken in it plays awesome and lasts forever. I believe alchemy does this string.

super slick, super fast.

It can, yes. I actually thin lube the end of the string when I’m using a Butterfly so that it doesn’t happen.

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100% poly YYN Highlights, or homemade 40/60 cotton/poly blend… ;D


In my order of preference.

Perfect Fit 20/80
Chaos 422

I throw with Highlights. They are cheap and have a pretty consistent length.

I can’t stand 50/50 or cotton. Any 100% Ploy or Poly/Nylon Blend is fine, but it has to be thick and I go with Highlights over anything.

Threadz 50/50, Threadz 50/50 Poly Nylon, Threadz Poly, Alchemy

Bling string

Of all the strings I have tried, in order is

Angel Hair String
Some Generic String found on a 2 dollar yoyo called super yoyo.
YYN Highlights
YYJ String (Slick 6?)
(Big Gap)
Yomega String