Which Yoyo and string?

I just recently started yoyoing cause of a friend and I wanted to get a new yoyo. I had a mosquito from walmart and i guess it wasn’t working out. What yoyo should i get? I was thinking between kickside and lyn fury. And also what string last a long time?

The KickSide and Lyn Fury are both great.

I prefer the KickSide however.

Strings…most last long, polyester and 50/50s and some nylon/poly strings are reccomended.

Try all of them to se what you like best

personally i would go for the speed maker or lyn fury cause both r great throws

Would you suggest 100% polyster or 50/50 for a new player?

Poly will definitely last longer, but it is not as kind on your fingers.

50/50 has cotton, making it smoother and gives you less string burns. But the cotton will absorb humidity, sweat and dirt easily, so it wears out faster.

Really depends on what you want. 50/50’s need to be changed more often, because they break more easily than poly. Poly will last forever, and my friend has been using a poly string for like 3 weeks, refusing to change it.

Some people (Samad, Jayyo) Have better experience with 50/50s, polys won’t neccesarely last longer

If you want a string that will literally last forever I would say Demon wire, costs $1 each but the guy that made the string used the SAME string for a whole year…but he’s out of commision cuz he was a victim of identy theft. I would recommend G-string SSE or Intentus for 100% poly and element string by GM User for poly/nylon

Alright. Thanks… What about yoyos? Kickside, Speedmaker, or Lyn fury?

Get whatever yoyo looks best for you, eventually, you’ll build a preference, and know what yoyos you want

yeah chris whatever u like best just buy one and start from there and if you dont like the feel or it just doesnt feel right move on

just grab a bundle of 100% white poly, there dirt cheap and they seem to be softer and last a little longer than the the dyed poly ,and pick any one of those yoyos you think looks the best, or has your favourite colour in stock

yeah when u just start u have to start somwhere so whichever one looks the best to you perssonally i like the work JD does but what you should do is go to yoyonation.com look at the reviews for each one then come back here and buy the best one

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ok i know that some of u r to disagree with me but i thinking flying squirrel and for string 50/50 or 100% poly