Some string questions

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Hi guys! I have some really beginner questions. My son got a Spinstar for Christmas and he’s obsessed with it. He’s learned a lot of tricks from this site. I think he needs new string though. I saw that a lot of you like 50-50 string and others like 100% poly. Is one or the other better for a beginner/kid? TIA!


100 poly is good because it lasts a long time before breaking go to yoyonation .com and go to strings and look at the yoyonation highlights string they are great i use them all the time


Yea poly string is great. but there is a lot about string. First dose he play responsively(where to yoyo comes back with a tug) or unresponsively(where you have to bind it back to your hand)? if he plays unresponsive he should try slick 6 string and if he play responsively he can try type 8 string. There are 4 string sizes and 3 string materials. the 4 sizes are 6,8,9,and 10 and the materials are cotton, Polly cotton, and polyester. polyester lasts the longest, poly cotton is like a middle lasting string and cotton hardly lasts at all. also how much dose he play you can buy them in packs. i believe they are in packs of 5,10,30,50,100 and 1000. later and keep is spinning.