Yoyo strings

How often should yoyo strings be replaced?

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When they fry, the faster you play the faster they will where out.

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It realy depends on the string.
if you play alot every day, this is how they will turn out. everything here is about.

kitty string = 1 day
Jake Eliot’s powercords = 1 week
Jake Eliots white gold = 1 1/2 weeks
yye contest string = 3-4 days
yoyo string lab =
type x = a week
type one = a day then it gets dirty
type 2 = unknown
toxic string = i have never tried
twisted strings = unknown accept that there twisted trifecta bearing is realy nice
modman10’s MCYYS (multi colored yoyo strings) = about 5 days

about all custom strings last about a week. nylon/polly last longer than polly.

hope this was helpful!

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Everyone has a different “week”. It’s better to measure durability in playtime, such as hours. Grand Rapids Powercords(t) last a few weeks for me, maybe longer. During that time, I may only throw maybe 7 or 10 hours at the most and often times my hands are dirty from work. I haven’t tried it yet (I will this weekend) but I hear Powercords can be washed to extend their life.

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I think kitty strings lasts longer than a day and twisted type b last for a week or two

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Type X has never snapped on me, nor lost its bounce.

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for me they do!

When you feel you should change them.

Have opinions. Find out when in the life of a string it feels best for you, and when it feels worst. And when it feels worst; Change that thang.

Great post! I was looking for a list of commonly used strings.

My YYE Contest string lasts me about 6 hours of playtime

Epic string: 4 weeks.

Oh oops I pressed the thank you button in stead of quote! Oops!
When do you know you should change out your string though? And how do you know what kind of string it is?

Honestly, it’s preference. I change mine pretty frequently because I prefer the feeling of new string. I also change it when I get a pretty nasty knot. Change it when you feel it is effecting your play. There is no “right” answer

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This is especially true if it is just bulk string that you don’t mind throwing away. However, if it is more expensive I wouldn’t reccomend doing that

Seen this?
When should I change my string… heh?