How long do you play a string?

Just curious. Please leave specifics below so that others are able to use this thread as a reference. Thanks.

About thirty minutes worth of play time

i play my strings a day

It really depends on the string

Toxic strings lasts a while … (I still have not throwed one out)

My toxic markmont dragon string will last me about 5 days of hard play and then you can wash them and use them again for about the same amount of time. Great stuff.

Regular toxic string will last me about 3

Kitty string (slim) will last about 1 day and normal thickness about 2.

Twisted String A1 will last 2 and type B will last 2- all most 3.

Markmont is definitly my favorite though.

YYE 100% poly lasts me around 2 hours of hard play time, but for me, that can often take a week for me to put in that kind of time. I can let it last longer, I often do, but it’s pretty much dead after 2 hours. I seem to get longer times out of plastic and plastic/metals than full metals.

with my play time (10-20 total a day) it lasts me about two weeks before I switch. Depends on the player. You can’t put a specific time range.

It doesn’t matter to me. I don’t play competitively and I’m too lazy to change string all the time so usually I go through string once every two weeks. Even though my string has some quite tension, I don’t do slack tricks that often anyway so I’m okay…

Maybe once every one or two days.

Toxics I tend to change every 3-4 days.
Highlights/Essentials/Basics I tend to change every 20-30 minutes…

I’ve started using twisted stringz a1 and I’m getting days to weeks out of a string depending on how heavy I’m using it.

It really depends on usage doesn’t it. Sometimes I change after 30 minutes or so because the string loses its softness. And in another case I’ve had a yellow kitty string on my raptor for about a year and a bit and it’s still fine.

About 5 days.

Depends on the type of string and sometimes what I’m throwing.
typically I throw 1-2 hours per day.

Kitty regular poly lasts me about 2 days give or take
Twisted A1 lasts about 3 days
Twisted poly anywhere from 2-3 days
Toxic Bg1 are very impressive so far and I am on day 4 of the same string

These are under normal circumstances. I tend to change my string more often with a some new yoyos that I feel have a rough catch zone near the bearing since I’ve nearly had a new yoyo ruined when a string gets cut by a rough, new ano job.

I play them until they lose their bounce. could bean hour, could be 10 minutes.

Probably too long. I like fresh, bouncy string but tend to play it until it gets a bit ratty and tight. Probably because I’m too lazy. It probably should go after 2-3 hours.

I never have expectations for how long I play a string. There are so many things that can determine how often it needs changed. For example: if I am playing in a humidity and feel my hands sweating, it wont be long and that string will be changed. Sometims a string just doesn’t feel or look right, I know I’m odd, that string is getting changed. I inadvertantly yoyo with something on my hands that gets on the string, I’ll probably change it.

In other words, I change it before it breaks, unless it’s a terrible string then it usually breaks on the first throw or two.

2weeks ,sometimes a month coz i don’t feel much different about old string and new ones…, maybe it’s a little harder to get binding on old ones

For 1a I probably change out strings after about 30-45 min. of play time. 4a and 5a lasts a little longer.

Hmmm. I guess Im still a noob cuz unless it breaks, I play the same string forever. When do you know it is time to change a string? I am still learning whips and slack tricks so I have no conception of what a worn out string feels like…