String recommendations

I’m looking for a new string to try,
I want something good for whips and slacks,
Any recommendations?

Regular Toxic strings, start with one pack to see how you like it. Great a whips and slacks and it is very stiff and slick. My favorite string by a mile, also lasts for ever.

These ones:

Kitty String Fat, Nylon, or 1.5. Honestly can’t go wrong with any of those, i rotate through them all. Just say no to expensive boutique string.

actually since it lasts considerably longer it almost evens out. Kitty 1.5 is dope though.

Ok thanks for the help I will get some kitty string 1.5 and toxics. :smiley:

Yeah a lot of people say that, and cutting and tying string can be a pain, but i’m the type of guy who throws string away if it gets a knot in it, so for me Kitty’s definitely a better option. Also i’ve noticed most expensive string tends to have a sweet spot as far as playing time goes, and i’m too impatient to deal with the stiffness that usually proceeds that, so another benefit of bulk string is that it tends to be pretty consistent from the first throw.

I would recommend some Big Yoyo string actually. Never really liked Toxic because the loop around your middle finger always slip

I love stiff non bouncy string

Epic Strings are coming to yye soon!

cool lots of other things are coming to YYE to I think.

LOL. She got you good!