String recommendations?

I have been developing a style with many suicide-type catches.
Mostly in string, I look for softness. I am currently using kitty normal, after trying fat I thought it was a bit grabby. I am wondering if any strings have a significant advantage in suicides, before buying another 100 pack. Again, I love myself a soft feeling string.

I myself love the soft feel fo G-String and it tends to work fine for the tricks I throw at it but it’s pretty spendy

I find that stiff strings are great for suicides, but stiff usually equals rough. Also, take that insight with a grain of salt… suicides are one of the many techniques I’m pretty much a beginner at.

Logi’s nylon epicstrings will do it for ya. Its soft and keeps suicide loops nice and big… BYYS cybersilk is good too… but its not “soft”. It’s not “rough”. It’s slick. It wont give you string burn but its notnecessarily soft in feeling. Great for suicides. Twisted strings graymatter is good too… same feel as cybersilk. A little whippiee, a littlebetter for suicides, a little more expensive :wink:

Kitty String 1.5 is the way to go! Feels great on the hands, holds tension well, and is all-around great for whips and slacks. The only con is that is doesn’t last long. But I guess that is why it comes in 100-packs, LOL.

alchemy string is pretty awesome for suicides
its gonna be pretty hard to find though

It’s all semantics, andy569. One person’s “soft” is another person’s “slick” apparently. :wink: Cyber silks are smooth and luxurious to the touch; that’s soft to me! Slick is more like the nylon strings that are stiff yet smooth to the touch, and kinda hurty on your throwhand finger; but which will still slide against each other effortlessly (ie. they don’t snaggle up on themselves with multiple string layers). Normal Toxic and Toxic Dragons are examples of this.

I suspect some definitions of “soft” will require an element of fuzziness or fluffiness to them. Cyber silks are not like that; not in the way that Ammo (for example) is. And that’s cool! But it’s just semantics and the wonderful world of the imperfections of language.

Yeah Ive heard great things about Alchemy. I know of a site with some too…

But my recommendations would have to be YYSL Ammo, Toxic BG1s and Toxic Snakes. All are thicker than your average string, super soft and a little bit heavier so suicides are great! I’d also look into Twisted Stringz Grey Matter, looks like it would fit just havent tried yet.

Cyber Silks would be a great option too while they are little more rough than the strings are listed they are fantastic for slacks and suicides. Also I think Fat Chicks would fit your criteria, really want to try that stuff looks like great string.

Fat Chicks are soft by ANYONE’s definition! But if you found fat Kitties a bit snaggy, I don’t think you’ll have much better luck with Fat Chicks. Fantastic string, though.

Thats why I want to try them :slight_smile: I love thicker strings… And well the name, is just amazing. May I ask though, compared to other strings how long are they stock?

I don’t remember. I only got one; it was a free sample with a BYYS order. I think they’re about the same length as Kitties as I recall.

Yea I guess your right :slight_smile: I always considered stuff like AMMO is soft. I call things slick when they feel “rough” but dont give you sting burn haha. But I see your point with the nylon and toxic as slick… I guess how I see it, stuff like cyber silk FEELS slick and stuff like nylon PLAYS slick.

BYYS are not as long as Toxics. When I tie off a BYYS, I only have about 1-2 inches to trim, whereas with Toxics, I’d have 4-5 inches left.

Thanks! Sounds good to me :slight_smile: Toxic are just mega long anyways.

So without Haru around there’s no-one to really big up Kitty. I’m pretty sure that he would say that learning with Kitty is the way to go, and that it is consistent, easy to acquire and an all round great string.

Unfortunately I don’t have Haru’s crazy mad skills and so I have to take what help I can get with whippy/slacky tricks. Therefore I have become picky about the strings I use. For the most part these days I either use BYYS Panther or Twisted Stringz Kevlar.

Firstly BYYS Panther: These strings last forever. In my opinion they’re actually pretty soft, especially if you compare them to really synthetic feeling strings like Chaos strings. But really the highlight of these for me is how wide loops and slacks open with the minimum of effort, and like Greg I like my whips to involve little effort. These things whip fast, they’re quite weighty but they’ve made a lot of slack tricks available to me that haven’t been open to me in the past, probably because my whipping technique isn’t good enough to hit them with regular Kitty. In fact, I can actually follow/watch loops and slacks because the string seems to move more slowly but keep the same size loop. This has been really useful for me.

Secondly Twisted Stringz Kevlar: Again, you can use these for forever and a day. Initially these feel a little coarse, I mean not too bad but a little. But once they break in they are really quite soft. These are great to throw around with force, and aren’t as thick as many of the strings discussed in this thread; I think the addition of the slightly stiffer Kevlar means you can achieve great hardy results without some of the thickness. More importantly, once again loops and slacks with these strings open and stay open. They’re a perfect all rounder, requiring a little force to make them whip but not too much. They hold tension really well for a stiffer string and have been my stock for a long time.

At the moment I’m torn between these two, and generally throw a mix and match. Normally the Kevlar strings provide for a more laid back feel, and so I stick them on throws when I’m trying to learn or throw without much intensity. When I want something to really hack away at some combos or some slack heavy stuff (yeah right I dream I can do slack heavy tricks!) I use the Panther. Both are great. The Twisted Stringz Kevlar often have a longer lead time for me, and are a tiny bit more expensive. The good news is though that you have to replace either of these so infrequently that the cost is not over the top.

Okay so finally, how the strings break down for me is important. With both of these strings I want to use them until they die. But they ‘fail’ in really different ways. The break down of the Kevlar is the easiest to identify with those of us that throw Kitty. They start to fray, becoming fluffier but more snaggy and less easy to work with. However, between breaking in and break down there is a long period of ideal play. The Panther break down really really differently, and it’s harder to spot and more kinda instantaneous. Instead of fraying you’ll find that in fact the ‘wind’ of the string is no longer good, with the individual threads becoming unwrapped/bundled in places. Typically one sees this kind of thing happen if you haven’t rewound the string carefully near the yoyo, and that is definitely somewhere you’ll notice this problem, but you may also start to notice kinks in the main part of the string. Early in the string’s play one can simply unwind/rewind this and it’ll be fine, but eventually these sections won’t stay wound and the string will need to be replaced.

Anyway there you go epic reviewy kinda thing done. But I’d recommend either of these two. Both have helped me enormously, and both are useful for me to use in conjunction with occasionally going back to Kitty to try and prove that I can still do some of this stuff. Haru’s words of wisdom about stock string always stay with me, despite my preferences.

Thanks guys! From what I hear, I think I might try the Kitty 1.5, Twisted Stings Kevlar, maybe Epic Strings and maybe these Fat Chicks everyone’s talking about. Not sure, usually I am not a huge fan of buying the homemade strings because they are harder to get, but I will try them. Oh and I have already tried a couple BYYS types, but they didn’t have the softness I was looking for :frowning: haven’t tried the candy though. Anyway, I want to only try two string types, because I still need cash left over for the 100 pack. Any last say on which two? By the looks of it I think I will try Epic strings and Kevlar.

HaruRay uses YYE Poly I think! Straight-reppin’. :wink:

Great review, slowyojoe. I agree about the Twisted kevlar. It’s funny, not too many people ever talk about these except to call them a gimmick or otherwise “not worthwhile,” but I am totally on-side with enjoying them. The stiffness really makes for wide open slack loops, and the relative thinness helps you to avoid accidental binds when working with string layers.

Gotta get more of those!

Haven’t tried the Gen-Yo kevlar. Not sure they’re even being made or are otherwise available anymore.

Oh my bad, maybe I’ve offended Haru by talking Kitty, but I thought he didn’t mind Kitty. Anyhoo, yeah the General-Yo Kevlar felt even thinner to me. The biggest problem with them was that they weren’t available in particularly bright colors, which was a sticking point for me because my apartment is hugely well lit. But yes they were also very good. For me at least. :slight_smile:

Josh I think only hates on small string company’s that don’t have a huge reputation. I think he uses YYSL for competitions.

he ONLY uses yye poly… regular everyday play or atthe nationals final