What are you whipping today?

I’ve always wondered about what string people throw from day to day and/or in certain throws. This is the new WHAT ARE YOU WHIPPING TODAY? Thread. I just use toxics but I’d like everyone who’s willing, to post there day to day string.


Neon yellow fat Kitty String


Epic String Whips, what could be better for whipping…

Kitty String Normal

Normal kitty string white 8)

And now yyf string since I just bought a one at toys r us. I put in a C bearing and wow!

Unknown yoyo string!!!
Seriously the best stuff on earth.

I personally like the jackrabbits better than kitty strings, and the annihilators are just beastly, I prefer them over YYSL

Standard Yellow poly.

BYYS Panther and Cyber Silk

Standard white YYE poly.

And sone unknow black cotton string that came with an order from ebay’s on my hyperwarp (looper)

Need to get a 100 pack of yye poly for practice, not a good idea to experiment with tricks with expensive premium strings.

Normal yellow Kitty String.

EAch of my throws seems to have a different string on it. I’m using my Pro for learning Superman, and it’s loaded with Twisted Mojo right now. So I guess I’m whipping Mojo. Except Superman has no whips, so I’m not whipping it good.

I would get kitty instead. It lasts a bit longer and (IMO) whips better and is better. It is only a few dollars more too.

Just need a string to experiment on when I want to mess with mounts and stuff. not gonna be my maian string anyways. So Ill just go with yye poly, but i have tried candy wires, and kitty as well too. And if I were to practice anything requiring whipping, Id just use my peemium string to make it easier.

Howd you get some? Modman10 is my brother, and i dont remember you ordering some.

YYE 100% Poly. Forever and always.