Kitty string:Differences


So I noticed there are many different types of kitty string(normal,nylon,fat,thin,etc.) and I was wondering what are the differences and which one is the bet of the bunch.

(UmeNagisa) #2

the thins are thinner
and probably for thinner gapped yoyos

normal is the most reccomended and is just slightly better than average poly

nylon is rough and stiff, great for slacks harsh on the hands.

Thick, is my favorite. Truely nice binds, perfect slacks and nicely soft.

id say Thicks the way to go


Thanks. Is the thick a lot thicker than normal? And is it good for undersized throws cuz I got a lot of those.


I think it all depends on the yoyo and gap size and your response, if your yoyo catches a lot with thick, use normal, if the binds slip with normal go thick, just get a few ten packs (different colors so you wont get confused haha) and see what your preference is.

(UmeNagisa) #5

its just a TINY bit thicker

but it is thicker


Agreed. You’ll notice the “thickness” in binds (in other words, there IS a bit of a difference), but overall it’s really only a tiny bit thicker. Calling it “Fat” made it sound plusher than it really is. I do slightly prefer the Fat Kitty (Kitty Fat?) over the normal.


Yea I guess ill just have to try and see which one I like the best… Does anyone have extra they wouldn’t mind sending me. Cuz I plan to get a bulk but I rather see which one I like best.