fat or normal kitty string?

So I am looking for a string brand I hear everybody uses kitty string so I thought it has to be good. I was wondering, how will fat and slim and normal effect play? Is Slim best for looping and fat helps tighter binds or something? Which do u like? Thx

Never used em, but I just ordered some - From their description, slim is their least responsive string, fat is their most responsive. If you’re a beginner still mastering binds, fat would be good, and if you like stupidly unresponsive yoyos (or, you have type-A duncan bearing yoyos that you’d like to be less responsive), go slim. They also have nylon, which evidently “melts” while looping. And of course the standard is the happy medium between slim and fat.

I generally go with normal Kitty polyester by default but keep some slim stuff for breaking in pads that I find too grippy or for throws with narrower gaps, as well as some fat kitty polys for throws that can be a bit slippy on binds. My string preference changes from throw to throw. If you’re not entirely sure, get a small pack of each and see which you like before ordering a large bundle.


I like fat a lot. If you have brand new pads, or a small bearing yoyo or one with a small gap it will probably snag a bit more than normal, but for any other yoyo it’s great. Super soft and long lasting, whips well.

I wouldn’t go as far as to say “super” soft, but kitty fat is fairly forgiving on the finger.

I prefer fat in most cases, but I’ll be stocking up on some more ‘normal’ for my next order. When all else fails for a particular yoyo, you can trust normal kitty to do the job.

I use Fat mainly on contest, gives better binds at low spin, slacks and laceration are easier thanks to bigger weight and momentum of string.

normal for a good mix.

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