slim or fat

Is fat kitty better than slim kitty? Will one make my yoyo less responsive?

I have only used normal, but I don’t think either would make it more responsive. A dry vs. lubed bearing could make it more or less responsive though. I’ve never tried far kitty string, so I wouldn’t know for sure. But that’s my guess. :grinning:

fat kitty is thicker, making multiple string layers a bit trickier (also is easier to bind with)

however slim kitty is good for tricks that need as little response as possible (binds are a bit harder though)

i personally (along with many others) use normal being it is a perfect fusion of these two :wink:

I prefer Epic Strings over both actually. It’s kinda in between Kitty Fat and Normal Kitty so it’s perfect for me.

I have normal and XL. I just ordered fat and XXL. So far normal is amazing. I can do slacks,whips and suicides just fine with normal. I shall update this after I try fat and XXL. Should be here today

fat kitty is good, but i found that it doesnt last as long as normal or xl can. i currently use xl just cause i like how it feels and the tightness it gives… if i were you i would just buy a five pack of all them. this will help you determine what fits your style the most.

I have used fat kitty and normal kitty. I can tell you I love the normal kitty. Kitty fat for me was just a bit to thick, it didn’t really change much tho when it came to which makes it more responsive. I haven’t really noticed a huge difference between the 2. I believe its all in preference. Although using kitty fat with a yoyo that has a small gap width could make it more responsive than kitty slim. A good example could be the yyj surge. Its gap width is actually quite small. So using kitty fat string would make it more responsive as to say the replay pro has a bigger gap width so the kitty fat string may not have much effect to it, where it will remain pretty unresponsive, and may give you a tighter bind. Now using slim kitty string with the yyj surge will probably have little effect on making it responsive, you’ll still get a good tight bind out of it. As opposed to the replay pro, using slim kitty string on it. It will probably not get as tight of a bind as fat kitty string, and will probably leave it more unresponsive. Although this is just my opinion and I’m still half asleep from just waking up. But in any case I hope my information was helpful.

Don’t you get them for free? :smiley:

I like kitty fat–I’ve never had any snag problems.

I love normal and nylon 1.5.

I prefer the normal. Tried an XL and didn’t like it at all. But I also prefer the yysl type x which slimmer than kitty’s.

My strings came and guess what they messed up again. (Not yoyoexpert) some other company that I shall not name. I ordered 2 times first was yellow normal kitty (10pk) and XL yellow (10pk) and I got white string GRRRR I let it go. I figured hey white can be cool. Now I ordered 2more 10pks of XXL andFAT both yellow. They gave me XL wtf!!! 2 times in a row they give me what I did not ask for! All I wanted was to try all the string types and they can’t even get merge right order SMH. I won’t say what company but they just started up and are being brought up by a popular company. SMH. Sad day for a yoyer trying to experiment

I prefer to play with slim but fat ones have more to grab onto.

That’s why you always buy from yye. They are awesome when it comes to getting what you buy, and if they mess up, they will fix it.

I have not heard of kitty string XXL. Gota’ have it.
I’m guessing when you say less responsive your talking about how aggressive the binds will be, and how many string layers you can put into the gap.(by the way this isn’t more or less responsive, its how aggressive your response is, bearings create the responsive or unresponsive status.)
anyhow the slim will be less aggressive, as in without improving your technique slim will bind mid trick on you less often, as well as enable more string layers in the gap.
On most yoyos anything with a 4.7mm gap or larger slim is near unplayable too me, as I normally don’t throw and maintain high rpm’s. I like kitty string fat, but have almost abandoned it for XL.

I just did :), I ordered from YYE 100pk of fat kitty orange. Thanks for the free Yoyo players card. I wonder who it will be =D

Oh yeah by the way I chose fat. I tried them all and normal was great fat was great and XL was great. But I didn’t want to lean on either one so I went for the middle. :slight_smile: can’t go wrong with fat. Thick for suicides and slacks but thin enough for those complex long string tricks. I run them on full ceramic bearings so I get even less friction for additional layers of string. Hope my feedback helped you out.