Kitty String Question?


What does this string happen to do that sets it apart from reg. poly?
I use only pink strings for visual ease with tricks, and I think it looks beast, and Kitty String has BABY pink strings. I want to like these, real bad, but am not hesitant to spend $16.00 on bulk string if I can spend $12.00…
Also, I know the fat string is supposed to be for more of a responsive feel, but I don’t do speedy tricks.
Would the Fat strings fit my flowing, slow paced style more?
Thank you.


I don’t know the answers to all those questions, but in general I find Kitty and standard poly to be somewhat close… I do like the kitty a bit more. Softer on the finger somehow (don’t ask me how). Standard poly starts to hurt me after a while, and the kitty doesn’t seem to. Standard poly seemed to get fuzzier and somehow… I dunno… “worn out” more quickly.

The fat kitty… I didn’t find it very fat. It’s a perfectly fine string, but it’s not a giant leap or anything. Frankly, I couldn’t really tell the difference after an hour of throwing (breaking in the string). Maybe when it was fresh it seemed fatter (or I could have been imagining it) but over time, not really.

Which isn’t to say you shouldn’t get it. It’s a nice string, it just doesn’t live up to the “fat” name.


i dont like fat strings so i wont comment on that… but kitty string in general is VERY soft and comfy and lasts a lot longer than normal poly IMO. If youre curious buy a 10 pack and try em out

(Owen) #4

Kitty string is just Slightly above average yoyo string.

And I prefer fat string because normal seems a little bit to thin.

Fat would probs fit your style of play, but you can do fast tricks with fat strings.


Aside from toxic, Kitty is my favorite. It seems to keep it’s “freshness” a bit longer than standard poly. Whips better too (still personal opinion). And for some reason, the Kitty pink seems incredibly soft, even when compared to my red and black Kitty.
I don’t know about fat Kitty, since I like thinner strings.



Thanks guys