How does kitty string compare to normal 100 percent polly?

is it worth the extra couple bucks?

Yes! It is so gooooood… I have it on my yo-yo right now!

It is definitely worth the extra few dollars.

You should get some!


depends on if you want thinner or thicker string. If you just want normal poly 6 string then its about the same, but what is good about kitty is you can get thicker and thinner string. I don’t think it is enough differnt to pay more for the kitty string that is normal poly string sized. Although it is much longer, so if you are looking for longer string then that would be another reason to get it.

Kitty string, comes in many different thickness’s

I think so for several reasons. Did a review a while back:
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they both can be used for yoyo applications, come in multiple colors and are soft

Depending on which Poly string you’re comparing to… compared to YYE poly - Kitty is longer and it has a softer feel

Ok cool, I do like softer string, and sniffyo, great review, a fun read

Thanks very much. I’m glad you enjoyed it.
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I like Kitty strings the most out of all the strings I’ve tried. Toxic is only .000000000000001 behind them. That means I don’t care which string I use as long as it’s one of them. We sell both right here on YYE too!

I bought Kitty String straight from the Philippines long before US retailers even had it, and I love it :]. It retains tension pretty long, if not longer than typical bulk string.

While most bulk string are 2x3, Kitty String is 1x10… So I guess that’s when it differs in feel, as well.

Worth your money, so when YYE gets new shipments of Kitty String, go get a few packs!

I really dig the fat KS - it’s superb stuff. And Sniffy - that’s a most excellent review series you did.

Yeah. Honestly, I was of the school of “100 poly is 100 poly,” but when Andre did the promo about string cutters and two packs of kitty string, I decided to buy some (since I lost my string cutter and needed new string anyway).

It’s WAY better than the string I had (I had 100 polyster from a yoyo store nearby and two 100 packs of YYE 100 percent poly – white and twisted blue/black/white). The other string I would toss out much sooner than Kitty String because it would get to the point where it would get “spaghetti-string” much faster. I find that you can get Kitty String pretty neutral even when it’s days old – which is cool. Plus, no string burn yet!

So, basically, I’ve gotten rid of my thinking of “string is string.” I’m a fan of Kitty String now :slight_smile:

Hey. Thanks.
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