Just got a 100 pack of Kitty "Normal" Strings


I have to tell you, ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!@

that is all


Agreed. They’re the only string I’ve ordered in bulk.



Not quite as good as Type X, but a much better deal.


I prefer the thick kitty string, the normal is just too thin.


I can’t say that I have tried the “thick” however they are alot thicker then the like yoyoepert 100% polly and some other 100% poly strings that i have ordered on like Amazon etc… these are night and day. You can just simply “Feel” the quallity.


So what should I get, normal kitty, thick kitty, type x or yoyoexpert poly?


They are not that much thicker at all.


Yeah, Kitty Strings are my favorite “bulk” string in terms of feel, I always get the fat ones, because those feel closest to Type X string. Definitely doesn’t last as long as Type X string though, gets frayed and a bit lifeless pretty quick.