Kitty string?

Hey guys, just curious, is the kitty string (100%poly) durable? Also, which poly string do u guys think is durable and holds tension? Don’t really care about softness.

Kitty Fat is the best (neon yellow).

Don’t you get unexpected binds and snags if u get fat strings?

If you don’t have a wide gap or if you have really grabby pads then sure. Depending on the throw however, I prefer regular and fat. (mainly fat tho)

I just ordered a Chief, 4 aqua tires and kitty string normal. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the fat ones… But I’m so glad I ordered the last Chief available ;D

Really durable

I just went through my 100 yellow normal and switched to kitty string 1.5

I think poly kittystring is not durable enough.
I recommand the Nylon 1.5 version which is launched by Ryusuke Iwasawa.
Its durable and elasticity is better than the poly version. Though its smoothness is poorer
than poly. ::slight_smile:

I didn’t feel a difference in smoothness . both felt great.

But I do notice my 1.5 keeping tension better than normal poly

I have tried several other strings, including boutique strings, and I find that so far I am happiest with Kitty Normal.

Thanks guys! Really appreciate your thoughts. ;D

I usually throw just Expert string, I prefer kitty fat but hate tying my own knots!

Love the kitty string XL, they are not extra long but extra thick. Wider then the fat. I use kitty string fat for small bearing throws and XL for large bearing throws.

Kitty Nylon 1.5 has been my go to string lately. I think it has a great feel, holds tension well, and lasts longer than 100% poly. 100% poly is definitely softer though, it’s all personal preference in the end.

Kitty Fat or 1.5 is the way to go. I can chew through regular 100% poly kitty string in about half an hour of play per string, the wear is fine, it just loses any and all ability to hold neutral tension which is pretty bogus.

If you’re seeking alternatives, give Blueprint string a go. I’m really digging it, its slightly less comfy than kitty 1.5 but it holds tension insanely well hours into the string’s life.

Next time I should try 1.5. I’ve never used nylon strings before.

Unfortunately, blueprint strings were out of stock.