Just got my 2nd kind of string ever and LOVE IT!

So I just started throwing about 4 or 5 months ago and have only needed to buy strings once since then. My first pack of strings were Toxic strings, not sure which ones, but they were heavy duty poly strings came in a 10 pack and were like 7 or 8 bucks.

So finally I only have 3 strings left, which are on all of my yoyo’s and I decided to get more string. I decided to get kitty normal string because it seems to be a favorite string for people here.

OMG WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! Floaty, whippy, smooth, feels great on the hand, rejects like a beast, omg I can’t believe what a HUGE DIFFERENCE STRING CAN MAKE!

Im not saying the Toxic wasn’t any good, and just from using the kitty for the first couple days, I can tell you it won’t last 1/20th as long as the toxic, but man I just can’t say how much my preferences will be leaning towards normal kitty from now on.

Kitty playability is just soooo nice. I will be trying other strings after this, just to get an idea of how they all play. But I can tell you that it just feels right, and magical in my hand.

If by chance, you get or have any yoyos that are just slightly too responsive, or a small bearing Yoyo; get yourself a bundle of the ‘slim’ Kitty string. You will be amazed all over again.

I am not a string expert, but I have tried and have, many types of string. I got some for my older small bearing yoze, and it works superb.(I pre stretch before cutting to length).

One day, I had a C size bearing Yoyo, that was just slightly snapping back, when I didn’t want it to. I had a few Slim kitties in my front top pocket. I decided to see if it would either be a good option or if it would be so thin, that I would need to double bind to lock the string return?

It worked so well, I seldom use any other string, regardless of response system or bearing size or gap width.

There are a few Wiiiide-r gap yoyos that ‘don’t jive’ with the slim kitties, but I just use regular for those… Or Draken or dragon or Zammys or Venoms, etc.

On my last YYE string order, I got 400 Slim Kitty strings. So for me, it works pretty well, no doubt.

That being said, it is not as ‘long lasting’ compared to a number of strings. But I have little concern about that. I seldom play a string for more that an hour, anyways. <String is not really expensive, in the overall Yoyo picture; to me.

On one other string related note, the thing I dislike most about 2A, is how often I change out strings, lol. I use either the regular Kitty or YYE standard polys, for 2A. I change them out as soon as I feel this ‘dead bounce’(about 10 to 15 minutes, max.) I tire of constantly cutting down strings. Oh well.

Back on subject, I am really happy for you, that you discovered Regular Kitty Strings. An amazing Value… They just don’t last ‘for weeks’ or should I say ‘4 weeks’, lol.

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I like them a lot. I think the only downside I have, other than short lifespan, is that I tend to get string burn more than with some of the boutique strings. Love the variety of colors, though. I have some of it in black for when I have good light; looks really cool. When I’m in need of some bulk string, I’m actually thinking about getting some One Drop Basics direct from them because of this preference around string burn. It’s the only bulk string I have used with minimal string burn. Cold be my baby soft hands… lol. If my only option was kitty, or if I could only order from a retail site, I wouldn’t have too much to complain about. A big step up from most of the default strings that come with yoyos, that’s for sure.

Fat kitty is my fav. Super soft and if you don’t stretch it it’s super bouncy.

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I think some one drop basics will be my next string I am gonna try. Then I was looking at the kitty slim.

Toxics whip like Indiana Jones but I just find them too slick and rough for my liking. I’m suprised to hear that you started on them, I can imagine the change to a softer string was a welcome relief for your fingers.

Kitty is good, and cheap. The only issues is they wear out pretty quickly and I find that I get string burn a lot easier with them than some other boutique strings I’ve tried.

YYSL Ammo gets a lot of love by a lot of players, and for good reason. Is the softest string I’ve tried (as well as my personal favourite) and if you’re used to Toxic, the contrast will be stark indeed.

All I play is fat kitties, I just finished a 100pack that I bought less than 2months ago.
Ugh I go through string way too fast when I’m practicing for performances…

I go through 100 in 2 months without going hard lol

Me too :(. Practicing for mn states, gone through a 100 pack in the last week.

Normal and Fat Kitty is all I throw. Just so nice.

Dang, thats a lot of string. What do you think eats the string the most? Binds, Grinds, Whips?

Overall just the string rubbing against your fingers. (Especially if your hands are sweaty :stuck_out_tongue: )