Kitty Strings



I used to use Blueprint strings and recently I tried the Normal Kitty and I’m liking it so far.

I plan on getting 100x Kitty Strings but I can’t decide whether to get Normal or Fat. I’ve heard that many players like the Fat and that it is smoother.

Any thoughts?


A lot of people do like the fat ones. I personally like thicker string. It feels nice, looks better (in my opinion), and gets tighter binds typically.
Another really great string is kitty 1.5. If you have a chance I would recommend trying that as well :slight_smile:

(InvaderDust) #3

id say only get x100 if you LOVE them. otherwise your tastes may change and you could be stuck with alot of something you dont want…


Or get both! I have both and prefer different strings for different throws. But if you like blueprint, I would get the fat. I bought 2 packs of blue prints and a box (100) of normal with 10pk fat. liked the fat so much, bought another 100. what color blue print do you have? maybe we can do a trade? like 10/20 of fat and normal for some blue prints?


Thanks guys! I think I’ll give the Fat a try. I tried the normal and it doesn’t feel thick enough for my liking. Fat might just be it.


I’ve got it in green, but I’ve run out of it :joy:


How does the Fat ones look better?


Oh man! At least it’s only a few dollars to try a 10 pack of each.

Maybe looks better longer? Like doesn’t get as dirty as fast?

(major_seventh) #9

I really like neon yellow Kitty XL.


I do love how bright their yellow strings are…


I just think that the slightly thicker makes the color pop more? (I don’t know how to explain it).
XL string looks great, feels awesome, but snags way to much for me.


Yeah I do find the normal to wear out too quickly for my liking.

Fat should be just nice. If the color pops more that’s definitely a plus.

(InvaderDust) #13

I stopped trying with kitty when i found i could burn them out in a few hours. After feeling some of the nicer strings out there, i doubt ill ever go back. :slight_smile:


I do like how they’re very smooth. I guess each strings have their pros and cons.



What are you using now dust?

(InvaderDust) #16

After trying as many as 15 different types and brands, ive settled (right now at least) on Toxic Yellow Jackets for fat strings, and Cloud strings from thin. 90% of the time im using cloud strings. I know they are not for everyone, but im a huge fan. Ive got nearly 40 hours on ONE cloud string and its still going strong!

Honorable mentions goes out to Yellow Snow - Happy Mountain, Venom by YYSL, and YoTricks High End string.


Wow 40 hours?! that’s pretty impressive. I like blueprint personally. My hands are super rough and eats through string. Besides using blueprint, I have used toxic basic, kitty fat and regular, yye and yyf.

(InvaderDust) #18

Yea, try ONE cloud string at some time. You may hate it but you may love it. I know i bought one, then 3, then 7 more. Now ive got 8 in commission and 4 in reserve. prolly need to snag a few more haha!