Fat Kitty or Regular?

Hey guys I just saw that yye restocked the neon yellow kitty string 100 packs and I was just curious, Fat or Regular? I tried one fat kitty that came with my yeti, but I’ve never tried the regular. I just don’t want to buy a hundred strings, not like it and have 99 more strings on my hands. I like a thicker string for the soft feel, tight binds, and visibility but I wasn’t sure if they give too much kickback and response. The regular seems good for low response but I’m curious about string burn at fast play. And how much faster does the regular move through the air? I’d appreciate the response and happy throwing!

Preferances are different for everyone.
I suggest you buy a ten pack of slim, regular and fat. Use up each pack rotating through, and then you’ll know. Unfortunately, our opinions don’t matter much in regards to string preferance. All we can tell you for sure (which you seem to have figured out) is that kitty strings last pretty long and are well worth the money.
I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

I would say go with the fat. It’s not much thicker than the normals, but if you want something in between the two go try 1.5 string

1.5’s my fav. <3

Fats just silly fat tho. If your just getting string get some regulars or 1.5’s.

+1 for the Fat kitty… just picked up some for the first time coming from String Labs ammo. While it is not as soft or as thick… it is still a nice cheaper substitute for the ammo and still made of high quality.
I don’t find it hard to complete tricks with either… I find it a pleasure to use.

I like different strings with different throws and different response types. I can send you a few of each type to try out if you like. PM me your address =)


Thanks for all the help guys! From the one time I tried a fat kitty I was pretty impressed so I think I’m gonna go with that :slight_smile:

I have both and to be honest there is not much noticeable difference in my opinion.

That being said I like all Kitty String. its like Red Robin… Yuuuummmmm!