Normal kitty vs fat kitty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which is better normal kitty or fat kitty? I am intermediate who is going to use a shutter or a horizon who wants good whips and slacks that is soft and smooth without loosing spin time. Fat or normal kitty string? Neon yellow or neon green.

kitty is horrible, it looses color and wears out fast, get yellow blueprint

I completely disagree. It seems you’ve had a bad experience with them at one time or another.

I say Kitty Fat string. It’s called “fat” because it is thicker than any other kitty strings. It lasts longer than every other kitty I’ve tried (1.5 and Normal) and I just like the overall feel of it better.

Neon Yellow Blueprint fer dayzz………

Kitty Fat, XL and Tall Fat for days