Blueprint or Kitty? GO!


Vote and tell me why!


Kitty is awesome the first day or so, it’s slacky, it’s bright, it’s soft, but doesn’t last long. Everything wears away quickly, I have a kitty string, and it dot darker, it’s worn out, it doesn’t hold tension, it’s like a regular poly now, evern worse, and it’s about to snap. Get blueprint.


This shouldn’t even be a discussion. Blueprint blows Kitty out of the water. Lasts longer. Better slacks. Looks better. /thread


I prefer kitty because it’s so soft. I really like how they play broken in.

On a ‘busy’ day I can need a replacement in the matter of hours, but normally I don’t need to replace them more than every two days or so.

I guess that’s pretty often. Hey, that’s why I buy in bulk. :smiley:

Blueprint was good, but still more course than I would have liked.


Blueprint for the win! I have lots of free time so I throw a lot and blueprint lasts longer and I like how it holds tension


Is BluePrint thick like Fat Kitty or thicker?


I think blueprint normal is like kitty fat or so


Kitty because blueprint is too short for me, but if blueprint was longer and came in neon yellow I would like it more than Kitty


Blueprint doesn’t come in yellow? ???
I’ve only seen people throwing yellow Blueprint lol

Anyways, I currently use Kitty and it’s pretty great, but I haven’t tried a large number of the other popular strings out there. Blueprint has been on my list for a while now…


It comes in yellow but not a bright yellow.


I use Normal Kitty cuz soft and mine holds tension pretty long but will get NEON Pack Fat Kitty next time because I want tighter binds and stuff…

I heard Jason Lee only uses Fat Kitty according to his


Kitty. Long. Durable. Holds tension.


Never used either, but would go with blueprint. Seeing as how most people here prefer it.


If there was a thin blueprint string, I would be all over that, but since they don’t, kitty slim ftw.


I have used both strings. I have used the normal and the fat kitty and just the normal blueprint. First off I think Blueprint is just outright better than Kitty String and on top of that it costs less. I would compare Blueprint to either YYSL type x or venom. Venom was until I tried blueprint hands down my favorite but now I am quite torn. When you bring price into factor Blueprint wins hands down … I think that pretty much sums it up for me… I am comparing Blueprint to Venom as opposed to kitty string and wouldn’t even put kitty string in the same category as venom… Not to knock Kitty, the string works and is pretty cheap but Blueprint just blew me away and is cheaper… ??? ???.

Edit: I noticed someone said something about the length of Blueprint. I will agree they need to adjust this.


How does the orange color look? Is it as bright as the yellow?


The orange is a pretty bright orange. When it’s fresh, competes with my neon orange shoelaces(which are clean)


Blueprint just seems more consistent… and also reminds me of YYN Highlights! :wink:
The few batches of Kitty I have had never felt as good to me as what I am used to, Highlights :-X


Ugh… highlights were the most inconsistent string ever. I used to get 100s of those at a time where the pre-tied loops would just pull apart when I spread it to make a slipknot. YYN would never answer my emails about it, either, or heed my “customer request” that the string be checked prior to shipping.
Lots of killer string options these days, though. I find Kitty does wear rather quickly, especially Fat in smaller gapped yoyos. I haaated Candy Wires. Terribly, zero fun was had with that string. My next string purchase will be Blueprints and Nylon Fat Kitty.


so is the orange on par on visibilty to neon yellow?