Kitty vs Blueprint?


Hello all. Since price of kitty has gone up since the last time I have bought them… I’d rather get blueprint strings… but I have never tried blueprint and don’t want to risk buying a 100 pack and not liking them… could anyone make a comparison of the two brands?


Blueprints are slightly thicker than Kitty Fat strings. They whip better but feel a bit coarser through the hands.



Does BluePrint hold tension better or last longer? Maybe both…? Cuz I’m in the same situation as throwrw…


I haven’t tried blueprints but I’ve heard a lot of people say you get more friction on your skin from them. But from many opinions I’ve been told it’s better than standard bulk poly


Like others have said, Blueprint is more coarse on the skin, so if you play without gloves, you will definitely feel more string burn.


Although Blueprint may feel a bit more rougher comapred to Kitty, it still does hold its elasticity pretty well. And I would probably say it holds tension a bit longer than Kitty but not by a vast amount to make it on par to Toxics.

So if you like the feel of Kitty being super soft, I recommend to stick with Kitty. I wouldn’t go with Blueprint unless you are willing to sacrifice some feel for length of playibility.