Blueprint vs. kitty?

So I’ve found myself in a huge dilemma, I’m out of string and I need to make a bulk order fast!!! So if u guys could give me ur honest opinion on these two brands or have some other choices u wanna throw at me that would be awesome.

Blueprint is my favorite bulk string by far. It’s a little on the rough side at first, but after it’s broken in, it’s gold. It holds tension very well.

Yellow Blueprint

Thanks guys

I’ve heard a lot of good things about blueprint. That’s what I’m going to get next.

Kitty. Specifically Kitty fat, nylon, or 1.5, love them all. I don’t like that Blueprint is pre-tied, although it does feel and play fairly good, but i prefer the softness of Kitty.

What r the differences in each of the kitties?

Kitty is softer and thinner, super comfy at first but wears out and gets nasty pretty quick, especially if you’re going hard. It’s also longer and doesn’t come with the loop pre-tied, which is good if you like long/specific length string.

Blueprint is thicker and rougher, but smooths out once it breaks in, and lasts fairly long. The thickness gives it a bit of heft, but it still behaves like poly or 50/50 (as in, not uncomfortably whippy like nylon). Binds nice and tight even with large gaps and most pads (I usually prefer silicone, but sometimes I’m lazy). As far as mass-produced string goes, it’s what I use most of the time.

I like kitty nylon but Im going to try blue print out

I perfer Kitty String over Blueprint String, but Blueprint is a great string for the price.

I prefer blueprint over normal kitty in almost all my throws. Some of my yoyos work better with fat kitty though since it binds better and feels better when playing than normal kitty.

Yeah, i get blueprint mainly because i know a team member that sells it cheap, its pure performance in my mind.

Or you could drop it all and buy some epic strings.

Blue print is the best bulk string to ever come out, in my opinion.

Not to derail, but has anyone ever tried sOMEThING strings? How were they?

Also, how thick are Blueprint and/or sOMEThING strings? I don’t really like to use a string thinner than Fat Kitty (preferred thickness)

sOMETHING strings are really great. I prefer them over both blueprint and kitty. They’re a little better in every way IMO, and it’s the perfect length for me.

As for blueprint vs. kitty, I like kitty better just because it’s longer and softer, blueprint is too short and is a little too rough for me. I think blueprint lasts a little longer though

Has anyone tried YYR strings?

Something strings are super heavy, a bit rough, but smooth out, really interesting feeling. Pre-tied longer than Blueprint, which is nice because i can tie a slipknot and cut off the pre-tied knot which i can’t do with Blueprint as there’s not enough extra. Blueprint might be similar in thickness to fat Kitty and Something a touch above, but close, mainly it’s the texture and weight that gives the Something strings their feel. Personally i don’t use the Something strings much, they’re just a touch rough and that tends to make yoyos slightly more responsive which hurts my knuckles, but they are great for whips and slacks.

Hmm how long are blue print strings? Im starting to use longer lengths of string, maybe an inch or two off the length of a kitty string

They’re probably about that.

Kitty string Fat.