String choices

So I will be ordering second Protostar soon for 3a and want to get some more string. I want some nice string that I don’t have to change every day and that holds tension well if possible. I have been looking at these different strings:
Candy wire
Kitty string
If you have any other cheap choices they would be appreciated

Kitty or Blueprint will prob be your best bet.
Haven’t heard many good things about candy wire, but have heard TONS of good things about both blueprint and kitty string
from reading people thoughts on both, a short desc of both would be:
BluePrint:Course on the hands, lasts longer, hold tension better.
Kitty:Softer, Hold tension well, visible

Kitty nylon fat holds string tension way better then blueprint , but blueprint is a lot smoother in the hand
But is really kinda short

I’m 5’7 and blueprint string goes 2 inches above my belly bottom

Blueprint’s knot is easily untied and ends up being about the same as Kitty in terms of length. I find that Blueprint gives FAR better binds, however. I used to use fat Kitty and just got my hands on some Blueprint. Before I knew it, it was on every one of my throws.

+1 to Blueprint from me, terrific string

I won’t have trouble with the short string because I am pretty short. But I want some smooth string too so I think I’ll go with blueprint string.

Thanks for your help everyone!

I don’t know about that. Blueprint was definitely more coarse than any kitty I’ve tried

Kitty is about 5 inches longer ::slight_smile:

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Ok so I forgot to mention that I want different colored string so when I do 3a I know which is which. Does the blueprint string color choice “mix” come with different colors? Because if it doesn’t I need a different string. Thanks!