What Kitty String?

I mostly use a shutter and want a combination of slacky, whippy, and fast.

try blueprint, blueprint is more whippy than any of the kitties imo

Definitely try Blueprint string, I’ve tried a LOT of string and Blueprint is my favorite PERIOD. Pertaining to your post, however, if it would have to be a variation of Kitty String, I would say Fat Kitty String is the way to go.

I tried nylon on my shutter, and it just wouldn’t bind, I would try blueprint.

How’s blueprint with chopstick tricks?

blueprint has had a ton of hype and well it deserves it, besides crocostrings fat cat tails, blueprint is my second favorite string, probably the best bulk string on the market, helps that its the perfect length for me which saves time and effort so i like that.

Ok will buy blueprint