Blueprint String vs Kitty String

Hey Guys !

So I get asked all the time for recommendations and one thing that people ask a lot about is string. So I’ve decided to do a pro and cons list for Blueprint and Kitty strings.

These are my objective opinions on the matter. If your curious but not quite sure this may help you out.

Hope this helps.

Haha, just watched it a few hours before you posted it because I’m subscribed to you :slight_smile:

Really nice video

A good video. Very informative. I’ve noticed that Blueprint is particularly snaggy on yoyos with gaps of about 4.4 or less.

Strangely enough, it was also terribly snaggy when I was using it on my Werrd Minute. The yoyo would frequently shoot up and crack my knuckles in technical tricks.

That was really helpful, thank you.

Stock pads in the Minute are very grabby.

In my experience with normal kitty (compared to blueprint) is that tge kitty was the rougher string. It coukd have been the batch, or maybe the color (orange) i dunno. But i do love blueprint strings