Short on Strings

Hey guys, I am short on strings. I have used Blueprint for the past several months. Blueprint strings on YYE are only available in white now which I don’t like. I am a little bit impatient on waiting for restock. The best thing about Blueprints are they are pre-tied to my preference of length and does not need to be retied in any way. So I was wondering if you guys know any polyester strings that goes for a similar length of the Blueprints with already pre-tied knots. I know there was one but I forgot what it was called, I think it had the word Dragon or something as part of the name, I could be wrong. Thanks!

I’ve never played with blueprint, but from what I know they’re really slick and course. For slick and course, the first thing that comes to mind is anything by toxic strings. But my two favorites-- base and markmont dragon are sold out (I think.) However, neither of those stings have pre-tied knots and they’re rather long. If you’ve never played a long string before, you should, it’s much more fun than short string IMO. Plus, if you really wanted to you could just cut the string to an appropriate length instead of playing full length. Knots aren’t hard to tie at all. Nothing is really as slick as toxic though, so blueprint might actually be softer (once again, I’ve never played blueprint.) You could read some stuff on the forums about diferent types of string by YYSL from what I’ve heard, it’s In the middle of kitty and toxic. So really, it’s not too course/slick and it’s not too soft. Or you could even make your own string, if you’re feeling up to the challenge of finding good poly or nylon thread.

Just try some new stuff out, no one in the community really praises blueprint for its excellent quality like they do higher priced strings. It could be a coincidence, after all I’ve never played blueprint and price is no measure of quality. However I’ve played some stuff by toxic and heard great things about YYSL and even kitty (although it’s too soft for me). Nobody seems to be dissapointed by those strings. If you experiment, you might end up finding your next go to string. There’s a lot of good string out there.

Sorry about the wall of text, I didn’t mean to write that much. Hope you end up finding something you’re happy with!

My favorite bulk strings so far are blue prints, and for a quick sub, Toxic Prime is a bit shorter, and a lot softer. They only last a bit less than kitty, but they’re good while they work, and I am coming back around from using full length kitty strings, and preferring the shorter lengths

I’ve never actually played toxic primes before. I think that they’re all polyester and I was under the assumption that they were just as slick as strings like dragon and base.

I guess not everything by toxic is incredibly course and slick. I thought that their polyester strings felt relatively similar. Something like great whites, which I think are 50/50 are not too course.

YYE 100% polyester strings come pre-tied. I actually have loads of em along with 100% polyester kitty string which come not tied. If I had the money I’d send you like 20 of the YYE string. This way you could really try em out before buying them. Actually if you live in the U.S PM me your address, ill figure a way to scrape up 10$ to send em to you.

I’v never found strings that where consistent length over all runs in my whole yoyo life. started throwing in 1987.
I suspect if you keep buying blueprint you will find from batch too batch they won’t be the exact same length.
I really like kitty string fat, and XL. Nice thick string. But you have too tie all those. I would say YYE string but they are not consistent in length even within a single 100 bundle. In fact Its something I have never seen with any string. They all seem too very an inch or so from string too string with in the same bundle. That may be a unique thing too blueprint strings, man.

I’ve noticed that with my YYE string. They really do vary in length.

20 strings should easily fit in a standard envelope, and 2 stamps would likely cover the postage, if not only one stamp. I know that I sent a couple bearings and about 10 strings to somebody once and only used one stamp, and it got there just fine.

Well I did tell him I’d send him some. He would have to PM me…

Yeah I know, was just pointing out that if you did ship him any, that regular postage would be much cheaper.

Well thank you for saving me some coins. Lol I was just going to do priority shipping but an envelope is alot cheaper.