Im fairly new to the yoyo scene but im looking for a good, solid string. can anyone help me out?

If you’re new and aren’t too experienced you probably want to stick with cheap bulk strings. I recommend Werrd Blueprint strings :slight_smile:

Once you get better and more experienced you can try out some more premium strings.

Blue Brint strings play like premium string at a cheap cost. I’ve played with just about every string out there and Blue Print string is, by quite some margin, my favorite string on the market. If I didn’t make my own string, I would be using Blue Print string.

Like the people said above Blue print is pretty good. However, I just picked some bulk Yoyo Expert nylon string and it is pretty good, but go with whatever you’d like.

Kitty Fat or 1.5.

They make that? Do you mean kitty nylon?

No, there is YYE string if you go to shop, then string, then 100 count, there you can see the different types of YYE string, it is pretty good like I said! :wink:

Pick up some yoyog-string, twistedstrinz, hamstring, and stringlab.

if you’re new, try a bunch of different strings, kitty is good, and everyone knows it, and everything else gets compared to it, blueprint is great too, but I still haven’t made up my mind between the two, and when you’re feeling a little braver try some YoYo String Lab Type X, it’s a little more expensive and you might not want to use it every day, but I (and many others) swear by the stuff.

I’m a kitty string guy, I like that I can get a hundred at a time and it doesn’t break the bank. I would love to try all these boutique strings on the market, but I haven’t bought any for some time because I just didn’t see the value in it at the time, and kitty string performs amazing.