Better bulk string?

Don’t be afraid to get specific with string types either.

I heard the sOMETHING bulk string is really good, but not really available in our continent.

Werrd Blueprint is pretty good, but i’m not sure if it’s sold yet. Kitty string is good too.

Candy wires are the best. I’ve tried fat and regular kitty and played both of those alot, but candy wires are just great. The made me stop making my own string it’s better than anything I wanted. My own stuff was great but candy for the price is unbeatable.

Get Kitty 1.5!

The Yoyoexpert polys are good. inexpensive and last just as long.

I’ve been using YYE bulk string in 100-counts. Slick6 for looping and 100%-poly for most of my plastics and Type 10 Cotton for my wood fixed axle yoyos.

But, what I really have been liking is YoYoStringLabs Type X. It’s got the thickness I want and is soft. The same holds true for another brand: Twisted String Trixta.

I didn’t care for Ammo, it’s a touch too thick. I think the new YYSL Venom might be something I’ll enjoy.

Better is preference based in this situation. If you like it, it’s better. Ain’t nothing wrong with YYE bulk strings if you’re happy with it.

How do the yye strings compare to the old hilites? I’m almost out

They’re similar. The knot doesn’t seem to stay as tight on my finger for some reason. Try the kitty string.

definitely give twisted Stringz a try they are wonderful, and Jen does a a great job.

Jen at twisted is amazing and her strings are awesome, I only used her strings… until… I went to worlds and got that Venom string…umm… its perfect for me