I’m looking to get a new bundle of strings. I’ve been using the same poly from the Duncan store for years and I’d like something a little new. I’m looking at either the 100 count of E-type candy wires, a 100 pack of Blueprint, or the 50 pact of the Expert strings. Now, I like getting the 100 packs because I get twice as many strings, but the little plastic container you get with the Expert strings might be nice to store yo-yos in. I’d just like to know your guy’s opinion on all the three strings because I wanna get the best value for my buck and see what plays the best. If you could just tell me about the overall lifespan of strings and their play-ability I would be very grateful, thanks!

Of those three, I only know the YYE poly.

It’s slightly rough, holds tension as well as any other bulk poly, and is a true “type 6” thinness. I don’t know if it actually uses 6 threads, but it has the thinness of a classic type-6. It is BRILLIANT for the kind of slack tricks with flowing loops that need to hang open for a moment, but the light weight makes it trickier for whipping slacks around quickly.

It’s the only string Josh Yee uses, and although I don’t worship at the altar of HaruRay, I do respect that he’s able to pull off pretty much any type of trick with it.

For my tastes, I prefer Kitty (normal or fat). If I were to spend my money today, it would be for the Blueprints, because I am the kind of guy who likes to try different things. But I can’t actually recommend the Blueprint because I haven’t tried it yet.

All I have to say is-

The candy wires are to thin…

Never tried BluePrint.

I would get 100 pack of YYE Poly, or Normal Kitty String.

The blueprints feel nice but they are pre-tied & if you like a longer string you are out of luck. If anyone wants to try some pm me and i’ll send u a couple ( bought 2 packs before I knew)

I’ve tried candy wires s type before and they were pretty good, kind of thin. I’ve used YyE poly a little but it’s not the best out there, but is good for the money.

My current string and definitely favorite is Kitty Fat. I got one with my Summit and fell in love.

Thanks guys! I appreciate all the feedback and whatnot. I haven’t really tried much, and I’d rather not dish out some of the little money I have for a bundle of string I don’t like xD

I use the regular yoyoexpert contest strings and there great :wink: