Best Bulk String on YYE?


I am halfway through my 100 pack of standard poly string from [online store removed] and I want to know which string I should get once this terrible stuff runs out. I need a good BULK string, because I don’t want to pay like $5 for 10 strings. Also, I would like for it to be available on YYE. I have been looking at Expert Strings, Candy Wires, and Kitty Strings, which recommends. Are there any other bulk strings?

I am thinking that Expert Strings is probably out, because it costs $13 for 50 strings, whereas with Candy Wires and Kitty Strings, it costs $16 for 100 strings. A LOT more bang for your buck. The only way I would consider Expert String would be if I heard that they were WAY better than Candy Wires and Kitty Strings.

So I guess the question probably comes down to this - Candy Wires or Kitty String? What is your favorite type of Candy Wires? What is your favorite Kitty String? From my research, I would probably either get E-Type Candy Wires (best one for slack) or Normal Kitty String. Are either of the fat types any good?

Lastly, has anybody compared normal poly string to a good bulk string? What might the differences be?

Thanks in advance for answering my questions.


Kitty string 100 pack or candy string 100 pack


100 of the yellow kitty string
I dont like the yoyoexpert bulk. Its pretty short


I have tons of kitty , and candy .
the s-type is very soft
the e-type is very similar to kitty
kitty is a little stiffer then 100% Polyester YoYoExpert String

I like having a lot of different sting . If i was completely out I and only had 20 to spend I would get a 100 pack of kitty neon assorted .

I buy the more expensive sting to , for some reason I can’t seam to do brent stole on kitty or candy , but I land it every time on toxic .


For me, the stock YYE string is perfect length right out of the bag. But, xricky0xx makes a valid point when it comes to string length.

Most other brands have a knot at the end, but it’s to prevent the string from fraying and unraveling. You choose the length and tie your own loop.

Me, I’m perfectly content with YYE 100% poly in bulk.


Expert string is very good. The price is expensive, but I think it’s worth it. It’s very soft, and plays great! But Kitty String or Candy Wires are great on a budget!


I’ve never liked kitty but I highly recommend fat kitty and I have some fat candy wires coming tomorrow that I’ll have to try out.


So you think that Expert Strings are better than Candy Wires and Kitty Strings?


I am a very big proponent of high-end strings, but it seems that you’re set on getting a large amount of cheap string rather than a small amount of good string.

In that case, I have only one piece of advice. Don’t bother with Candy Wires “Fat” variety. I recently bought a 100 pack of it, mostly to use as “tester” string for local throwers just getting into 1A. I find it very disappointing in almost all areas. It really isn’t a thick string and doesn’t hold tension very well. It opens up for suicides easily at first, but after throwing with it for an hour the loops seem to close up as if the string was under high tension, but the tension is always neutral. The useable lifespan of the “Fat” variety was only about 3 hours for me. I could have kept throwing after that point, but I was having to adjust tension after every single combo, something that I don’t think an acceptable string should require.

I can’t speak to the other varieties of Candy Wires string, but do stay away from “Fat” if you’re expecting a thick string that has all the qualities of your average thick string.


I think so.


The ones that are 50 for $13, yes.


The expert brazillian strings seem great. I wasn’t a fan of the variety of kitty string I tried. Haven’t tried candy wires.


Wow, looks like a lot of people like Expert Strings…might have to reconsider my initial accusation, LOL.


IMO the expert are too soft… i like kitty. for some reason through the colors kitty isnt quite exactly the same. blue is stiffer than yellow. but its not really noticable.


I just picked up the kitty 1.5 and I’m enjoying it. Haven’t had a lot of time with it though. It’s I’m the 100 for 15 range you’re looking at.


I’m REALLY liking FAT Candy Wires right now


I’m with nkessler on most of what he said about the “fat” Candy Wires. Not fat. Not great. Definitely “softer” than Kitty String.

However, I found them to be pretty good for tension. Mind you, I didn’t give them a truly good long test. If I didn’t like them that much “fresh”, you can bet I didn’t bother really giving them a good run. Tried one or two and gave the rest away.


Wait does any body know the length for brazilian made EXPERT strings?


I believe they are 55" but don’t quote me on that.

If you’re gonna buy 100 expert strings, you might as well spend $4 more and buy yourself a 100 pack of Big Yoyo String “Candy String” (no I didn’t steal that name from candy wires, I had that before they came around). It manages tension a heck of a lot better than kitty and lasts longer too. Really soft on your hands, and has decent whip speeds. If you don’t want to listen to me, talk to Waylon or Wilson (aznnboyaz). They both are in love with candy :slight_smile:


They are short. I don’t know the exact measurement, but by the time you tie your own loop, they are about the same length as the other pre-tied YYE bulk poly strings.