yoyo strings


ok i am looking for a bulk pack of string that is cheep and still be like the more expensive strings i like to do a lot of string tricks that are long and have a lot of slack tricks and suisides in them :-\


Try fat kitty and kitty nylon :wink:


GRYC diamond strings are very soft, hold tension great, and last for much longer than an average string. Shoot me a pm if you’re interested.


ok but for string tricks i would think you would get the thin kitty string


The thicker kitty string really isn’t thick enough to negatively impact string tricks.


but wouldn’t something thinner be better


Not necessarily. If a string is too thin, it won’t bind tightly which makes the string difficult to use and negatively impacts sleep time. Too thick, and the string snags a lot.

The thick and thin versions aren’t nearly extreme enough to negatively impact play either way. Some people prefer a thicker string, some a thinner string.


soooooo what about yoyoexpert string :-\ is that ok i am going to get some GRYC string but that is good string and i want to do the swivel mod with it and i am not going to use that so is yoyoexpert string any good for string tricks and slack tricks

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Two things:

  1. YYE string is decent bulk string. It will serve you fine, though for a few bucks more you could get Kitty string. It’s a better string and lasts a decent bit. GRYC string is top shelf. Powercords(t) last a very long time and whip and slack fast and big. I highly recommend them.

  2. You gotta use some grammar and mechanics, man. Your post was difficult to understand. I am not the only guy here who will bust your chops for it.


i would like to do the swivel mod and i need to cut the string so i do not want to cut some really good string so i would like to find some good cheap string that i can cut :-\

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Sigh… Use old string.


but i would like to play with it still i have used it before and i like it a lot


I was just about to do that.

‘cowsarecool64’. People here are trying to help. From your posts, you sound like an unintelligent whiny child. That might not be true, but I calls 'em like I sees 'em.

Most boutique string out there is roughly 2 or 3 times as expensive as factory string.

You say you don’t want to cut a ‘good’ string. Why? Boutique strings costs like $0.50, and that’s not buying in bulk.

YYE string if you like cheap terrible string.
YoYo String Lab or Jake Elliot’s GRYC string if you want some quality.

My advice - spend a couple extra bucks and get the decent string.


o sorry about that it was really late when i was posting those other things :-\ so it is worth spending the extra money on some really good string


Wow, I can still barely understand that…

Anyway, yes it is worth the extra money.




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Cows you got to use proper grammar I can’t understand anything


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Punctuation helps.