Kitty String

I see people all over the place saying they want kitty string and i was wondering why, is it better than normal string or something?

No, string is string.


Sure is. Buy a sample pack and you’ll see. GRYC and Big Yoyo strings are even better.

I agree. You should also check out Dead Threads.

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Its the best bulk string out there IMO. I am currently testing some new string from Jake Elliott of Grand Rapids YoYo Co. and its great custom string. But dollar per dollar Id say if you like cheap string then Kitty String is for you

I feel its a bit heavy. But string is string. One is no better than the other. Heck i will use cotton if given that chance. It the player not the string.

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I agree with a previous post; Dollar for Dollar, Kitty strings offer the best value for an all around great performing string for any type of play.

You can’t go wrong with this string.

KittyString Rocks, I like the normal on most of my throws and FAT on a couple, they also make thin and nylon.

For the average player, Kitty string is probably the best bang for your buck. It’s certainly not the best playing string, but I think that the slightly higher price is worth the performance increase.

Really though, it’s barely more expensive than regular bulk string, it won’t hurt to pick up a bag.


You wouldn’t use crappy paint for a piece of art. Same goes for yoyo string.

Great yoyo string isn’t necessary. Kitty is still cheap and last a lot longer than standard string which is what i like. You definitely get more bang for your buck. I personally just like simple bulk string. Kitty string is just a little bit better without being expensive or crazy extravagant. I feel like the more expensive and the more “exotic” string gets, the less it plays like string is supposed to. Kitty is still simple and cheap which makes is super awesome.

I love kitty really helps with certain types of tricks (depending on the string) so for those “string is string” people

You can’t do professional yoyo tricks with a cheap auto return yoyo

You can’t go faster than a car with a tricycle

And (as stated before) you can’t use crappy paint for a piece of art

To the OP: bear in mind, this is all a matter of opinion. You may find that for you, string is string. Conversely, you may find that hand-twisted string made from the hair of an albino wildebeest and blessed by the ancient gods of Slackomia-Whiploslovokia will do. It’s up to you to experiment and find out. Don’t take my, or anyone else’s, word for it.

I find kitty string to be the best string for your buck. That and yoyoexpert string work perfectly fine for all your whips and slacks and hold tension just fine. Really either is all you need. There’s no big need for super fancy string when all that works better is that the string has more weight and slacks faster than others. The only string I’ve used so far that I found to be of the best quality is big yoyos type 1 loose. Softer than kitty, faster, tension was better, and they’re roughly the same price(when in small amounts). I’ve tried a bunch of wtring out there and I find kitty and yye string to behthe most impressive actually. But allin all its truly preference.

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