Candy Wires or Kitty String?

So far Kitty String has been the greatest string I have ever used. I love it. The Nylon Kitty is beyond words. But I was wondering if trying out slim string. Should I stick with Kitty or try Candy Wires’s slim since I never tried them before?

I just ordered a 10 pack of Type E Candy Wires. The packaging looks too nice not to try. I am a Kitty String man myself (love that nylon)!

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Try the candy Wires dude, you might fall in love, haha! Its never a bad thing to try out new stuff…

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I feel as if candy wires are going to be the next kitty strings where everybody is ordering bulk an stocking up

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I know I am. ;D

But them all and let us know. :slight_smile:

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I just ordered some Candy wires (slim) and some Kitty Nylon so i’m excited to see how these candy wires play

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Wish they were fair trade

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I’ve tried the “Soft” version. I’m guessing thats the S-type. Its really good feeling, though it will start to fray pretty fast IMO. I wouldn’t say its great for slacks, since it doesn’t feel very dense at all.
And though it’s stated as thin - it isn’t. Noticeably thicker than normal Kitty.

I havent tried anything except beyond 42 strings. check em out! :slight_smile:

I really like them, and I’ve been using them in all of my latest videos. Everyone should try them out!

There’s nothing wrong trying other products. I used Candy Wires (not yet released) wayback 2009 during the Philippine National Yoyo Championship,I finished 7th place using it.

As for the play,it’s a high quality string for me. Just like the Yoyos,player don’t stucked themselves using just one Yoyo. Try it and you’ll love it.

like us on Facebook and watch some videos of the CANDY WIRE users! :smiley:

There’s a lot of decent quality yoyo strings out there. I think all of us should invest in some small quantities of a wide variety of strings for evaluation purposes so you can find what you like best.

personally, I don’t are what people use. What I do care about is that they like what they are using.

I can be quite content using YYE bulk 100% poly. Kitty is some good stuff. I haven’t tried Candy Wires. I’m currently using YYSL Type X. I also intend to buy a 100-count of Twisted Strings Trixta string soon.

There’s really no wrong. If the string works great for you, that’s all that matters. It’s just great that despite the yoyo marketplace being very niche, there’s room for not only “legacy” brand,s but new brands, as well as companies providing bearings, holders, accessories and even strings. Of course, it’s unlikely that many of these people are doing yoyo and yoyo-related products on a full time basis. I don’t feel the numbers are quite there yet. Regardless, I wish success to any brands that choose to enter the marketplace. Every new company adds something new, unique and often highly positive to the community. They also help the whole market, community and industry to keep pushing forward.

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I am a “candywires” user and I am sure you will like it :wink:
I have tried s-type , e-type and fat type .
And I can say that they’re all nice ;D

I’ve been using Candy Wire since I can remember and I must say they are some of the best strings out there. I highly recommend the E type as well as the Fat type for wider yoyos.