Opinions on Candywire?

Ok, so I’ve been looking for some more string, and I’m having trouble deciding between Kitty String and Candywire. Which one do you guys prefer and why? Thanks. :slight_smile:

A lot of people like kitty string, but some say they don’t like the “greasy feel” to it. I haven’t heard to much hype about candy wire… I say but a 5 pack of each and see which is better for you, or your supernova.

I just got some today, and I’ve been playing it for a while…they’re are pretty okay, they seem a bit better than polyester, whips and slacks are good, but when I try to do suicides…it doesn’t open as much as other strings. However that could just be me, I’m still able to do suicides of course but I have to be more precise. Still good string, holds tension well, not too soft, but not uncomfortable either. Really overall good string, it’ll perform well for you (Oh and I am talking about “E-type” I’m not sure of the others). :slight_smile:

In my opinion, they are much better than Kitty. I got some Candy Wire (E-Type) and normal Kitty in the mail today, and have been playing them. The Kitty strings seemed rather rough, and didn’t hold tension well at all. The Candy Wires are much easier on the hands, hold tension very well, have great suicides, and perform well for whips and slacks. They’re an all around good string, especially for the price.