Candy wires?

What do candy wires feel/play like? Also, specify whether it is S type, E type, Or Fat type.
Thanks, Thomas.

I tried the “fat”. Here’s my take on them, in brief:

  • they weren’t fat
  • they WERE softer than standard poly or kitty. Pleasant on the finger
  • they held tension very mediocrely, getting worse and worse after only a few hours of play
  • not very whippy at all

I didn’t care for them. They were fine as a change from YYE bulk poly… more like “Kitty string for people who want softer but lighter”. And it’s so weird that they weren’t fat.

So a skinny girl who thinks she’s fat. I hate those.

Haha! Yeah, I felt the same way about Fat Kitties mind you. I’m like, “OK, they weight a touch more than normal kitties, but I’d hardly call them fat.”

These fat Candy Wires weren’t even that fat. They were “normal” thickness.

That’s too bad. I really want a string that’s pastel blue and soft on the hands and whips decently.

I bought a 100 pack of the E-type they’re good and all but when you break them in they don’t really hold tension that good.

Ive tried S type… not a fan… Sure theywere soft… were they that soft? No… were they sofer than standardkitty? Yea… a bit… but they had this weird feel to them, I dont know how to explain it… oily maybe? Idk, they justhad a strange feel to them, I didnt like. And, they were the worst strings for whips Ive ever played. If you want cheap bulk string, kitty 1.5’s the way to go. A slightupgrade from standard kitty IMO

I tried the E-type, and all I have to say it will get the job done, keep in mind this is bulk string like YYE Poly and Kitty String. This isn’t boutique string that claims to do something magical, it is average (maybe some what better than average for some or less) and can do what all normal strings can do. It isn’t gonna be as great as let’s say Type X or Ammo from YYSL (I am just choosing these two because they seem to be the most popular at the moment), but for a run-of-the-mill string that won’t break the bank when you buy in bulk, it will fit the bill. So if you wish to buy the string, do it, it has my recommendation (don’t think that really means anything though :P). Just don’t be expecting to pull off amazing and near impossible slacks and whips, since at any rate your ability to do those things is not just because of the string (though it can play a role in it), but of your own skill.

As for GregP, you have to look at it in context. The string is already thinner than normal (I am talking about the S-type and E-type), so when you here “fat” in this case (I don’t know about you but I think double the size when I hear fat) it is like twice the width, and since it is thinner to begin with, “fat” will seem like normal size string. :wink: