Fat String: Kitty and Candy Wires... Thoughts?


I just got some Fat Kitty String and some Candy Wires E type. To my surprise, they were the same thickness! Did I get a mislabled batch of Candy Wires, or is it really that thick? And if so, then are Candy Wires Fat REALLY thick?

From the descriptions, I expected the Candy Wires to be a bit stiffer, and the Fat Kitty to be softer, but the opposite is true. I’m going to be trying them for both 1a and 2a, and so far I really like how soft the Candy Wires is for 2a. A lot less pain on the finger.


Well, my E-types are a bit thinner than normal, so you probably got some mislabeled string. Check the packet, at the bottom the types of Candy Wires are listed, there should be a mark next to the type it is.


No Fat Kitty are in between a normal thickness string and a fat one IMO. Fat Candy wires are a tad thinner than YYSL Ammo.

Fat Candy’s are one of my favorite but they don’t last long. They start out rough and get very soft. Very good bulk string.


My Candy Wires bag is definitely labeled E-type. It is just slightly thicker than my black Slick 6.
The YYE 100% poly expert string is definitely thinner.

I’m happy with it just the same, but I don’t want to order a 100 pack and find it’s different :wink:


I had the opposite happen: ordered some “Fat” Candy Wires and they were thintacular. Couldn’t believe they were marketed as “fat”. Maybe I got a mislabeled bag, too!

Wasn’t overly impressed. It was OK stuff, but nothing I need to buy 100 of.