Blueprint String now available at YYE!!

Blueprint string is now available here at YYE. It’s been getting some great reviews from peeps who are using it and the price is amazing. Please check it out and let us know what you think.  ;D

Whaaat? No blue? :smiley:

JK, if there’s any left (unlikely!) I will add it to the next order.


Looks sick.

How many strings is in one container?

100 strings in one pack.

Need more colors and mix packs! But will buy anyway. Can never have enough bulk string.

I bought some of this string at worlds. It’s GREAT. It’s not just a copy of Kitty string or regular bulk string. It’s really it’s own, unique stuff.

I highly recommend it.

Is it pre tied?

Its all pre-tied.

Who would be interested in a mixed pack? If there was enough demand for it we could definitely make a pack like that. The pack should come to 100 strings total, so we could do like 5 colors of 20 strings each for example. If so, what colors would you want?

Basic colors are in the pic below (its hard to see pink, but pink is there too):

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For me, white (I’m probably the exception on that one!), blue, yellow, green, pink

And yes, I would buy it. :wink:

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I’d definitely buy a few mixed packs! Purple, Orange, green, blue, (black?) Pink or white

I’d be all over that! Green, yellow, orange, blue, pink.

Green, yellow,orange,blue, and pink would be my pick. I’m getting one of the 5 packs to test it out! I love trying different kinds of strings.

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This is what I would get. How long are the strings and last question, what thickness are they?

They are Type 6, standard length (not super long), pre-tied with a loop. They play thicker than many others, so they are on the thicker side.

YES PLEASE! I buy kitty cause it comes in bulk and I need to save money. Now I’m going to have to try this especially if it comes out in colors!

My first thought was that it would be blue string.


They play thicker? I’ve never tried thick string and hadn’t planned on it. So you know the YYE store page says “It has the perfect thickness, not too thick and not too thin, to give you a tight bind every time.”

They aren’t super thick. They’re more like “Highlights” thickness.

i would love green, orange, yellow, white and blue