Blueprint Strings Question

Hey all,

Short: Do Blueprint Strings make your throws more responsive? Is there a known break-in period?

Long: Just purchased some yellow Blueprints and have found them to make my throws much more responsive. Is this a known feature/issue with the strings? I’ve heard good things about them (which is why I bought 'em), but they make my throws much more grabby. My knuckles are mad at me.

To make sure it was the string, I tried a toxic (my go to), a highlights, and a fat nylon kitty string all on he same throw (gnarwhal 2). I also switched out the bearing from a super smooth Buddha ceramic Whipple to a dry CTX. The yo-yo was much more grabby/responsive with the Blueprints (I tried multiple Blueprints) in both setups. Anytime I have multiple layers of string in the gap with he Blueprints it wants to jump up. I’ve never had a string affect the smoothness of my throw so much. Since I’ve never read of this happening with Blueprints before, I’m assuming I somehow got a bad batch (???), or that there is some break-in period I’m unaware of. Not sure I want to put my knuckles through that break-in period if that’s the case.

Anyways, any help on this would be much appreciated. If I wasn’t clear or you need more info, just let me know. Thanks!

Blueprints are a tad thicker than most strings, so they’re going to be a little more grabby.

Personally I love thick strings, and I think that thicker strings should become an industry standard. Most of the “bulk” string used today is the same thickness as the string used ten years ago when yoyos had much slimmer gaps. Now that gaps are using almost the full width of the bearing, it makes sense to switch to a thicker string.

Here is an article concerning the topic of thick strings that I recommend everyone reads


Thanks for your reply. I love thicker strings too, but I have to say I can’t remember the thickness affecting my throws so much as the Blueprints I’ve tried. I remember well the slimmer gaps! I started throwing in 1998-99ish (rocking my Team Losi Da Bomb & Cherry Bomb, Spintastics Tornado & Tigershark, good times) and all we had (or at least, all I had) were the type 8 cottons. Slick 6 was heavenly when I could get my hands on it. Anyways, all that to say I am no stranger to thick strings and how they affect smoothness. Blueprints do not feel appreciably thicker to me–in fact, they feel about average thickness or a little thinner to what I normally play with.

Based on reviews and others’ experiences, I guess I was expecting play similar to fat kitty, but so far I that has not been the case. I mean, I can’t get through something as simple as cold fusion without the yo-yo wanting to come back on me.

Again, thanks for your response. I’ll check out the link shortly!

My blueprint seems grippy but good. make sure that it isn’t your bearing or pad that could be causing this.

I haven’t had any issues with it being more responsive. I do like thicker strings though and I use flowable silicone response so it’s not the most grippy thing either.