Short Opinion Review of Blueprint Strings

Blueprint string what can I say it is a decent string to have as a ‘disposable’ (type you can order 100 pieces cheap) one. It is very good for slack strings since it is quite sturdy but this makes it a little rough on the hands with speedy tricks. Gives very tight binds like it binds well in my ‘lazy bind’ (you just whip like a laceration around the bearing) however it ‘sometimes’ snags just a little more than other strings from my experience.

For me the “dealbreaker” of this one is in my small sampler order it is wound WAY TOO TIGHT like I struggled so much to get the loop open (being multicolored didn’t help in realizing if im twisting the right way sometimes) to slip it on the bearing/yoyo and so it also doesn’t twist back totally right when you close the loop. Nothing against the company but I am just sharing my experience with this.

Feel free to tell me your opinions as well, I’m certainly glad I got a sample pack first