Expert String

 I picked some of this stuff up with my new spyder 2.  Which by the way is an amazing yoyo.  On tho the string review.  This string comes in packages of 10 for five dollars.  It may be a little pricey, but this is the best string that isn't made by Buddy Jim.  This string is extremely soft and smooth.  I like the feel of it.  The string comes without finger holes on the end so you have to tie your own, but that is a small price to pay for such great string.  THis string keeps tention well so slacks are a breeze.  Suicides are good, but not best.  I feel whips are also good.  This string is good if you like no style of play in particular.  
The string is really light, so no fast whips.  I really like how light the string is though.  The only thing that should be changed is that they should sell them in 100 packs.  these are fantastic strings. Highly recommended.  If YoyoeXpert continues to manufacture the string, they shouldn't change anything about it. Perfect string, will definitely buy more.

If I had one comment about it, it’s that it makes a yoyo feel unresponsive even compared to standard poly strings. It can handle a ton of string in the gap without much slowdown, but I also find it sometimes burning on the response when I’m really looking for a solid, tight bind.

Granted I’m not the best player in the world, but I think it’s something to be aware of no matter your skill. There is a distinct difference that is immediately noticeable. I think it would be an excellent practice string if you’re working on ever more technical tricks. Very forgiving in that way and would probably allow you to move slowly through the motions without regard for the yo’s spin.

I got some, and well it seems kind of like yye poly except it doesnt fray as bad… Time will tell how long it lasts

What he said.

I’m pretty impressed with it. Really like how it breaks in.
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Been playing this string a lot, and it doesn’t really fray all that much at all. So basically a longer lasting YYE poly